The purpose of my blog is to create awareness and motivate people to use their imaginations. The world is ever changing and technology has taken over the world. You see kids with cell phones, iPads, tablets, TV’s. Heck, sometimes I think they know more about technology than us adults!

I remember growing up we didn’t have any of this stuff, we had to use our imaginations and create things. We had hours of fun playing with boxes that dad brought home. We played in the woods for ours, not wanting to return home. I had such a great childhood and I think many children are missing out on this!

The all became too apparent when I went huckleberry picking this summer with my friend and her kids, 5 and 7. They complained the whole time about how bored they were and kept asking when we would be leaving. This broke my heart, I tried to spark some enthusiasm and give them ideas of things they could create in the woods. “Use your imagination I told them! There are so many great, wonderful things to explore in the woods.” Needless to say they weren’t impressed.

I saw a Nature Valley┬ácommercial that made my heart sink…. It is just a glimpse into our future children. A must watch!

So, I want to explore how we can bring the imagination back into our childrens’ lives, and the classroom. This will be my focus and my purpose of research.