The 3 questions I want to explore for this project are:

  1. What can we do to spark imagination as teachers?
  2. Is the screen time affecting a childs learning?
  3. What can we teach others– parents etc about the issue so they can do something at home?

Tinkerlab is a website that is dedicated to encourage children to follow their curiosities, test how materials work, experiment, and ultimately combine materials and ideas together in new, inventive ways. The website offers many resources and ideas to inspire kids creativity. Other states are starting to notice the issue as well and are making programs to help kids get outdoors!

There are also so many websites out there with great studies of children and their loss of imagination because of technology. One great website even offers why we should have a child like imagination; and research that proves it.

There are videos, blogs, news-articles, and extensive research on the issue of the loss of imagination.

The struggle is sending the imagination home and having parents integrate it into children’s daily lives. What can we as teachers do to inspire children and parents to live in a day of creativity and imagination?


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