2 Apps

The first app I found that I really enjoyed was Screen Time. This app lets you set up each child individually and set their perimeters on screen time they are allowed. It has different options for weekends and car rides. The car ride option I think is great because it allows the child to have unlimited screen time once you are in a car. The other thing I found fun was the Award Points that they can receive if they don’t use all of their screen time given. These points can be set up by the parent and used however they would like. The example in the app was once a child reached 100 Award Points they would get ice cream. A parent could also add Award Points to a childs profile if they did chores etc. Screen Time also sends alerts to any phone so the parent can know exactly whats going on. The thing I didn’t understand is what happens to the phone once a child uses their allowed screen time? I think this would be a very realistic app for a parent to have to keep them aware of the amount of time a child uses a device.

The other app I really enjoyed was called Disney nature, this app would be really fun for kids because it lets them explore animals and their habitat. The app lets you experience the food the animal might eat, where you might find them and even where they sleep. The app also allows you take pictures and carry your device around while you walk. I think this app would be fun to take to the outdoors and create imagination.


I also found a great website that gives 17 different apps to inspire kids to play outside!!


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