Imagination- Where can you find it?!

One of the only aspects I love about technology is that it is so useful in coming up with ideas. The internet is right at our fingertips and we can search for all sorts of ideas. We can collaborate with others, receive feedback, and create.

Pinterest would be my #1 favorite site for this! I have found a few people to follow in the imagination exploration. Activities and Crafts!  Technology Management. Ways to set up an area to motivate imagination.

Kids Creative Center by #kids #art #playroom #storage5 Apps for Connecting With Parents Fast Follow By Twitter Set up a Twitter account and have parents and students follow what is going on in your classroom.

The other thing that’s really important is how can we help guide kids to engage their imagination when they leave the classroom? There are so many blogs, websites, books available to help parents enhance the imagination at home. Parent Map is an awesome website for parents! They have ideas to help parents through everything.

These and many other websites are great resources if used in a smart way 🙂


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